Using Digital Storytelling as a Tutoring Tool

Teachers and tutors can use digital storytelling as an effective instructional tool for varying levels of students. Digital Storytelling uses technology to create and express stories with images, audio, and video. Digital Storytelling by students provides a strong foundation in many different types of literacy, such as information literacy, technology literacy, and media literacy (Robin, 2008). The process of storytelling starts with deciding which story to tell and identifying the audience. Stories can be based on personal narratives, interviews, subject specific, or instructional. One of values in using digital storytelling as an educational tool is that it empowers both teachers and students to develop stories using various forms of self-expression. Through the storytelling process, students can refine their communication skills by developing stories that reflect their perspectives and understanding of the world around them. Getting students to write, especially about themselves, family, or community is one way to encourage writing while strengthening writing skills.

Resources to learn more about using Digital Storytelling
What is Digital Storytelling? video
How to Create a Digital Story
Storyboarding: Developing Your Digital Story
Microsoft Office Digital Storytelling Teaching Guide
Digital Storytelling Cookbook

Tools to Create a Digital Story
Power Point/Slide Share or Brainshark : Create digital story using power point and upload and record narrative to Slide Share.  .
Prezi : Online presentation software
Animoto: Use photos and videos to turn into a slideshow
Xtranormal: Create short animated movies
Photo Story: Create a story/slideshow using your digital photos